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Seize the Momentum: It’s no secret that 2023 has become the pinnacle of AI technology. But now that the market is finally heating up, Wall Street algorithms are creating adapt or die decisions for most retail traders looking to profit in this new AI era. That’s why, during the LIVE training, we are not only revealing the powerful time-tested strategies that are responsible for 30 new millionaires and a combined $50 million in trading profits - but we’ll also share how we’re utilizing a special kind of AI to catapult our trading potential to unseen levels.

This 100% LIVE Training Will Reveal:

  • How to Close out 2023 on Top: The best patterns and strategies you need to focus on and how we’re combining them with AI to successfully trade this current market… We’ll even walk through our most recent trades to show you how they played out.
  • LIVE AI Trading Demo: How a small group of verified Millionaire Traders are leveraging the “next evolution” of AI called XGPT to find explosive setups with 80% certainty every single day.
  • “No Strings Attached” Bonus Gift: During the LIVE training session, you’ll get access to XGPT’s newest trade alert 100% FREE.
  • Step-by-step Trading Plan for 2024: As we approach the new year, we’ll share insights on setting up your trading strategy and how you can implement AI tech for a successful start to 2024.
  • Gain Access to Tim’s Newest AI Tool: At the very end of the training, we want to give you access to Tim’s AI Breakthrough: XGPT for FREE.

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Learn Strategies From Top Penny Stock Trading Experts

Tim Sykes

Penny Stock trader/mentor that has created over 30 millionaire students, turning $12k into $7,491,124.

Tim Bohen

Lead trainer at StocksToTrade & the Challenge Program with 2 + decades of trading experience and a passion for teaching.

Rob Booker

A 20-year stock, options, and currency trader, host of the Traders Podcast on itunes, and author of Adventures of a Currency Trader.

Glenn Peters

Director of Operations for Tim Sykes with over $1.6 million in trading profits, Glenn has mentored several of Tim's millionaire students.

Matt Monaco

Turned $2,000 into $2 million in lifetime trading profits by the age of 26 while studying under the Tim Sykes Challenge program.

Caleb Horst

Globetrotting musician-turned-successful day trader with a passion for teaching.

Trey Stinnett

An early bitcoin investor and experienced trader, Trey’s passion is helping people realize their financial goals!

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Watch real-time market analysis and see firsthand how to apply our winning strategies no matter the market conditions.

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Get your questions answerd live by seasoned traders who've mastered the art of part-time trading.

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Plan your watchlist alongside Tim Sykes' top students with trade ideas you can take action on tomorrow morning.

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