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Welcome to Tim Sykes’ AI Power Blueprint

As Tim showed you today, the next 90 days could unleash all kinds of incredible new AI-powered breakthroughs…

And for traders, a chance to see more explosive moves than ever before.

Now with XGPT, it’s possible to forecast these explosive 1-day moves with 80-90% confidence… ahead of time.

That means this patent-pending AI could change your trading forever over the next 90 days.

Here’s the best part. The retail price for Tim Sykes’ AI Power Blueprint is $5,000 a year.

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Tim is giving you a chance to test-drive XGPT’s forecasts for your first 90 days!

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Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Act Today

A Full Year of Tim Sykes’ AI Power Blueprint

Every trading day for the next 12 months, XGPT will generate 1-3 high confidence opportunities that you’ll get from Tim. That’s potentially as many as 720 new profit opportunities over the course of your membership.

Direct Access To Tim’s Patent-Pending AI

In addition to 1-3 daily forecasted moves, you’ll get direct access to XGPT itself. That means you’ll be able to leverage the power of this AI trading system anyway you want. You just plug in a ticker symbol and let XGPT do the rest. Direct access will be rolled out very soon.

AI Forecasted Entry Prices and Target Prices

You’ll get exact entry prices and target prices forecast by XGPT ahead of every potential move. These prices are projected with high confidence and calculated down to 1/1000th of a dollar.

Test-Drive XGPT’s Forecasts For 90 Days

If you’re not leveraging the power of AI, you’re going to get left behind. Take your first 90 days to test-drive XGPT’s forecasts. If for any reason over that time you aren’t satisfied, simply call member services. You’ll get a full refund in the form of a credit. And you can use that credit for any other research service we offer.

Tim Sykes’ Total Trading Bundle

AI’s power is unstoppable. It’s why Tim is now bundling XGPT with access to every other research he publishes! That means you’ll get access to Supernova Alerts, Seasoned Trader, Weekend Trader and much more when you join today.

Exclusive Members-Only Website

This is where you’ll be able to access all of Tim’s urgent insights, important updates, exclusive members-only features, bonuses and more.

U.S. Based Customer Support

You can get in touch by phone or email any time Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm ET. Just keep in mind we’re not allowed to give individual trading advice.

***Remember, the power of AI doubles virtually every 90 days. Based on our research, this cycle should repeat again on or around November 30.

Its why Wall Street has invested billions into developing their own AI-powered trading systems for their rich clients.

Because they don’t want to get left behind.

But instead of missing out yet again, now you too can take advantage.

Thanks to Tim Sykes’ AI breakthrough, XGPT leverages the same type of AI as Wall Street…

So what are you waiting for?

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